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For many years now, our local Basque communities have been blessed to have wonderful Basque priests from California to preside at our special liturgies. Still, many of us longed for the days when we had our “own” Basque priest here to minister to our families in Idaho, Oregon and Nevada.

Our prayers have been answered. We now have a unique and wonderful opportunity to welcome Father Antton Egiguren Iraola, a priest of the Franciscan Order who has come to Boise to be of service to our Basque community. Fr. Antton was born in Bidegoian in the Basque Country and has since learned to speak ten languages as he has done Franciscan missionary work all over the world.

By a stroke of luck, he heard about the Boise Basque community and came in May to see for himself how the Basque language and culture are flourishing here. Many people had a chance to meet him and found him to be humble, personable and very excited about the prospect of being a priest for our community. After meeting with representatives of the Diocese of Boise it was determined that Fr. Antton could indeed come to Idaho to be of service to the Basque community. A website has been established where you can already begin to be acquainted with Father by reading his commentaries on scripture [see the above link]

If you would like to help support his ministry among Basque-Americans, you can send your contributions via two modes below. Donations are tax deductible to the legal limits.

CHECKS.  Make checks payable to:
Basque Foundation: Aita Antton Egiguren Fund
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Donations are tax deductible to the legal limits.