Kaixo lagun!

Eskerrik Asko!  We have reached our fundraising goal, and Aita is now riding around in his new, beautiful pottoka!  We wish to thank all of our generous donors for their contributions and support.  Aita’s old pottoka went to a wonderful lady in his parish who also happens to work next door, so he still gets to see it every day as it will be parked in the paddock neighboring the parish parking lot.

Artzai Ona, is an organization formed by Basque lay volunteers to help Aita (Fr.) Antton Egiguren OFM, in his missionary activity, to reach out all Basques in the West of United States. By walking together to encourage, help, guide, and inspire them to live out their Catholic Faith.

This ministry is expressed through three intertwined activities: Celebration (liturgy and sacraments), Formation (to gain intellectual and cordial knowledge of the faith) and Diaconia (service, particularly the elderly, alone living, and sick members of our community).

Artzai Ona, Aita Antton Egiguren OFM, Estatu Batuetako Mendebal-aldeko euskaldunen aldeko misiolari lanean laguntzeko osaturiko erakundea bat da. Elkarrekin bidea eginez fede katolikoa suspertu eta bizitzen lagunduz, animatu eta gidatuz.

Misio zerbitzu hau elkarren artean loturiko honako hiru ekintzen bidez adierazten da: Ospakizuna (liturgia eta sakramentuak), Heziketa (bihotzez eta buruz fedearen ezauera lortzea) eta Diakonia (zerbitzua, batez ere adinekoak, bakarrik bizi direnak eta gure arteko gaixoak).

Aita is the Parochial Vicar at St. Patrick’s Parish and Our Lady of Mercy,  Merced, California.

Visit our Facebook page for the daily livestream of the Mass and meditation on the rosary in English, Basque, and Spanish.  The liturgical texts are available on our website.

Sunday Basque / English Service
  • Memorials:  7:45 PT / 8:45 MT
  • Mass:  8:00 AM Pacific Time / 9:00 AM MT
  • Mass Booklets
Daily English Mass      7:30 AM  PT
Mon-Fri Spanish Mass  6:30 PM  PT
Mon-Fri Rosaries – English 7:15ish PM, Spanish 7:40ish PM
Errosario Santua – T, W, Th, Fr –  8:05ish PM /9ish MT
Click here for the text of the Holy Rosary / Errosario Santua

Sat & Sun Rosaries – English 7:00ish PM, Spanish 7:25ish PM, Basque 7:50ish PM

Please join us!

If anyone would like to announce any particular intention, please do let Aita know and he will be happy to include your intention, for either the rosary or the mass. Please pass this information on to other Basque friends you know around you.  This is a great opportunity to let the youth help the more senior or not so literate in using the modern gadgets to enable them to have access to the liturgical celebrations.

If you appreciate Aita’s opportunity to offer Mass in Basque and wish to make an offering of the Mass to St. Patrick’s which has facilitated this opportunity, please access St. Patrick’s Facebook page.

We are putting together a newsletter.  If you would like to join our community and receive our publications, please send an email to

Visit our Facebook page

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